The All-seeing Eye: The Police Teaching in Schools

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By Burgos Online

The article, “El ojo que todo lo ve” or “The All-seeing Eye” by Burgos Online paints a picture, but not for the purpose of artistic beauty, but rather to allow everyone to personally reflect on the times we are living in. The police are educating children, but they are not exactly teaching them about civil and peaceful coexistence based on dialogue and respect.

So what are the police doing in schools with weapons? Is it some sort of LOMCE (Organic Law on the Improvement of the Quality of Education) extracurricular activity?

It must be recognised that the police have run some good school campaigns, particularly those addressing crime prevention (although it is clear that members of the Tortuga Anti-Military Group do not share this opinion). Yet, this picture is disturbing.

Seeing children wielding batons does not seem to affect the idea of peace (even if it is only during simulated attacks against “criminals”, it still has the potential to make people think): seeing little boys and girls with batons and shields is troubling.

And what do the families think? They who have done everything they can to make sure their children do not carry weapons, not even as toy weapons.

It’s easy to imagine what the officers of the National Police Force might have said at home, “Oh, we definitely had a really great time visiting the kids at school.”

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