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The article, “El ojo que todo lo ve” or “The All-seeing Eye” by Burgos Online paints a picture, but not for the purpose of artistic beauty, but rather...


Catalonia: Activists demand military-free educational events

On 29th November, the campaign Demilitarise Education from Catalonia organised an action in front of the Consortium of Education of Barcelona, calling on the officials to ensure that military will not take place in any future educational events in Catalonia. As part of the action, activists handed in letters addressing the official bodies responsible for avoiding the military participation in educational events, and organised a press conference.

Previously in November, the organisation committee of the Festival of  Childhood in Barcelona, which is one of the educational events the armed forces joined previously, made a statement announcing that the military or any police bodies will not be taking part in the festival this year, which will take place between 27th December and 4th January.


Anti-military action against the Spanish armed forces stand at Educ@emplea (Alicante)

At half past 11 in the morning of Wednesday 12 May, a dozen people gained access to the place hosting the Youth Employment Fair “Educ@emplea”, that as with every year has a place in the enclosure of the Alicantan Exhibition Institution (IFA) of Torrellano.

Facing the astonished looks of the thousands of young people and teachers present, and dressed in white coats and masks, they proceeded to encircle the stand at which the Spanish army propagandizes and offers a sinister working exit for young people who finish their studies.

The stand remained surrounded like that and “the disinfection of the military virus” began, at the same time distributing leaflets to those present about the great risks they were running in moving toward the said source of “contamination”.


Military expansion in the universities of Andalusia.

Almería: Primera jornada sobre Seguridad y Defensa

On the celebration of the Global Day of Action Against Military Spending (April 15 2013), the Non-violent and Anti-militarist Network in Andalusia (R.A.N.A in Spanish) submitted a press release and a dossier on military interventionism in Andalusian colleges and universities: y

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