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Teach Peace

Teach Peace, a new resource from the Peace Education Network, is a set of eight assemblies, follow-up activities, resources, prayers and reflections on peace for primary schools.

From the UN peace day, 21 September, to the International Day for Children as Victims of War, 4 June, the school year is filled with opportunities to use the assemblies and activities in Teach Peace. This resource will help to ensure peace is a key theme in our children’s education and help you to celebrate peace and the peacemakers in your school.

This Package Includes:

  • Foreword by Don Rowe
  • Introduction (pdf)Assembly 1: What is Peace?
  • Assembly 1: Slideshow (ppt)
  • Assembly 2: Think before you act: the legend of Beddgelert
  • Assembly 3: Conflict Resolution: A Tale of Two Mules
  • Assembly 4: A Christmas Truce
  • Assembly 5: The Importance of Disobedience
  • Assembly 6: The Angel of Prisons
  • Assembly 7: Barriers to Peace
  • Assembly 8: Slideshow (ppt)
  • Assembly 9: Sadako and the thousand cranes
  • Peace Calendar
  • Prayers and Reflections
  • Ideas for creating a more peaceful school


The entire resource is Full Teach Peace Pack at link below (pdf)


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