Libreta militar (military book) will no longer be a requisite for graduating from university

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On Tuesday, the plenary session of the Senate of the Republic approved a bold initiative aimed at the elimination of the military book for some legal requirements.

Within the new law, it will not be required to hold the military book to graduate from university.

Currently, young people who have finished their degree - but not resolved their military situation - cannot obtain their title or diploma.

The sponsor of this proposal, the representative Angelica Lozano, said that "today there is an injustice to men, because they cannot graduate without military book. Many Colombians that with effort and hard work finish their courses then don't make the grade".

"There are many young people who face this injustice, postponement, deferrence, and many times do not graduate," she explained.

Colombians who choose to defer their military service whilst they study have the right, in accordance with the proposal, to go back to military service when their studies are complete, and this will not prevent them from obtaining their degree'

However, the military book remains a requirement to be able to work for any public and private entity.

Source: El Espectador

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