Protests at Israel's leading university for its marketing course on the arms trade

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As part of the Global Day of Action on Military Spending, Hamushim activists from Israel delivered hundreds of protest letters to the Technion, a public research university based in Haifa and Tel Aviv, calling on the university authorities to stop their course on arms trade, “Defense Strategy for International Markets”.

The Technion, Israel's leading academic institution, now offers this course for arms exporters and executives in the defense industry. It's designed to upgrade their knowledge and expertise specifically regarding the international arms trade, and to teach them how to form a strategy for arms exports for international markets. After demonstrating at the Tel Aviv campus where the course takes place, activists delivered protest letters signed by hundreds to the Technion on Monday this week.

The letter reads as follows:

“The Israeli military industry fuel conflicts around the world and their products are key to almost all mass killers, dictators and those involved in genocides today. The industry's success is in fact based on a marketing system marketing its success in asymmetrical warfare against the Palestinian civilian population, at the expense of the Israeli taxes, the environment, and civil society. Do not cave in to militarism in the academy, do not reopen the arms export course!”

Global Day of Action on Military Spending takes place every year in mid-April and joined by various groups around the world protesting against arms trade and promoting spending for human development.

Source: Hamushim and +972 Magazine

Photo: Hamushim



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