Call for Articles for the New Militarisation of Youth Bulletin

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Countering the Militarisation of Youth Programme (CMoY) at WRI is launching the first issue of its new periodical which will specifically focus on the issues surrounding youth militarisation. In the CMoY bulletin, you'll find articles addressing key issues around youth militarisation, written by experts and activists all around the world, plus an overview of the recent news linking young people to war and resistance to militarisation. This is our call out for articles for the first issue, which will focus on the gender and sexuality dynamics of youth militarisation.

As we cannot speak of militarism without finding patriarchy and a binary gender agenda, in this issue we will explore the ways these dimensions relate to the particular context of youth militarisation. What roles do gender and sexuality dynamics play in engaging young people in war in different parts of the world; and how can gender and sexual politics be employed as part of an anti-militarist agenda? If you would like to submit an article (800-1200 words) addressing these questions, please send it to  by Sunday 31st May.

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