The Armed Forces prepare for the first quarter of 2014 with more than 800 advertising and propaganda events

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Aachener Friedenspreis | Geistbraus

Schule ohne Militär! -

Against Advertise with minors is forming a broad social resistance from teachers, parents and unions nationwide have already ten schools for "military-free," says the first 3 of them were for this award in last year with the prestigious "Aachen Peace Prize".

The competent staff for advertising "career counselor" of the Bundeswehr want in the first Qurtal 2014 visit around 120 commercial fairs and exhibitions, 200 schools and 140 is moved with the employment agencies "Job Center" respectively "career information centers". Moreover, in addition to over 160 performances of "youth officers" of the Armed Forces, in particular, are involved in the military-political propaganda against students. The funds for the advertising has been tripled in recent years.

Terre des Hommes, teachers and the unions complain in particular that the advertising is directed at children, of whom the youngest is just eleven years old. However, advertising for military operations is contrary to the principles of the UN Children's Rights Convention, which Germany has also signed.

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